MISSION: The OisF Foundation is a saltwater-inspired nonprofit organization with a mission to foster kindness and strength in girls, and to support and empower survivors of abuse. Inspired by the transformative power of the sea, The OisF connects women and girls to the ocean through local activities and programs.

The OisF Foundation is an approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in New Jersey.

"Be A Ripple"

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We are Raising Awareness ...We are Empowering ...We are Healing

Your donation helps to fund these programs:

  • Survivor Program for Women who have endured abuse and/or domestic violence. Learn more here...
  • Ocean-Based Survivor Programs for Children who have endured abuse and/or domestic violence. Learn more here...
  • "The OisF Rider" Girls Empowerment Program for girls of all ages, which is building a support network and a community of strong leaders as a mean of prevention. Learn more here...

"Waves of Change Fundraiser 2023"

Watch & see how The OisF is making ripples along the Jersey Shore!

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Girls of all ages welcome! Over 300+ girls are in The OisF Rider community!

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