About The OisF Foundation

The OisF Foundation is a saltwater-inspired nonprofit born out of a simple love of the ocean, and a deep-rooted respect and gratitude for the power that she holds to help strengthen and heal us. 

An approved 501(c)(3) organization, it is our mission to foster kindness and strength in girls, and to support and empower survivors of abuse. Inspired by the transformative powers of the sea, The OisF connects women and girls to the ocean through local activities & programs. 

The OisF is vehicle to promote conversation and raise awareness of the prevalence of abuse in our communities.  Through our advocacy work, we are helping to end the silence and stigma surrounding abuse and give survivors – and all women and girls – a voice and a safe space to share their stories.  

BUT....The OisF is unique in our approach to tackling this issue.  While many organizations focus on EITHER Prevention or Intervention (the before OR the after), The OisF and our mission is about tackling BOTH sides of this public health issue.  We are empowering – AND we are healing.

  • We are EMPOWERING our girls through The OisF Rider Program - as a means to prevention which, through various opportunities and local events centered around the ocean, is building a community of girls that inspire goodness and strength in each other.  


  • We are HEALING those who have suffered from abuse through our various programs and services for survivors and building a community and safe space where survivors know they are not alone.  Where we can heal together.

To learn more about abuse, to find resources for those experiencing abuse, or to discover more about the healing powers of the ocean, please visit our Resources Page


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