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June 9, 2024 - SHE SHREDS OisF Skateboarding Event - Click here to register.

June 20, 2024 - 4th Annual OisF "Waves of Change" Fundraiser (Belmar, NJ)

To purchase tickets to The 4th Annual OisF "Waves of Change" Fundraiser, please click here Ticket price includes one drink, passed hors d'oevres & various food stations!

To help us raise funds to empower survivors and ignite change in our community, please consider making a donation to The OisF by: (1) donating a gift to the auction, (2) sponsoring a survivor of abuse in one of The OisF's programs, or (3) making a general monetary donation to The OisF to help support its programs and services.  Click here to learn more.

June 27 & 28, 2024 - OisF x Pink Pineapple Surf "Mermaid Day" Event - Click here to register.

March 2, 2024 - "Ripples of Relaxation" Event at the She Shed Eatery (Point Pleasant Beach, NJ)

January 25, 2024 - "Night of Beauty" Event at Salon Cartarae (Sea Girt, NJ)

December 3rd, 2023 - "Shop, Sip & Support" Event at Wonderland + Sea (Manasquan, NJ) 

August 17th, 2023OisF Rider Summer SUP Extravaganza at Endless SUP of Manasquan (Manasquan, NJ)  

  • We were so excited to have Endless SUP of Manasquan lead this  "Stand Up & Shine" OisF Rider SUP Event for the Riders!  The girls connected in the salt & sand and had tons of fun stand-up paddleboarding with each other - and letting their true greatness shine! 

June 22, 2023 - Third Annual "OisF Waves of Change" Fundraiser 


May 21, 2023 - OisF Rider Skateboarding Event (Stockton Beach Park, NJ) 

  • We were so excited to have Steff Mags of Sandy Avocado Surf and her team of "rad female skaters" lead this Event for the Riders!  The girls connected with other Riders at this Event and felt the support of The OisF community as they tried something NEW!  During this Event – designed especially for the Riders – the girls learned how to push through their fears, FAIL, and then…most importantly…get back up and TRY AGAIN!  Skateboarding teaches girls to be brave to be ok with failure, and not ok with giving up.  It promotes self-discipline, setting goals and then practicing and practicing until each goal is met.  And it encourages the taking of healthy risks, thereby building self-esteem and confidence.OisF Riders are courageous – together, they welcomed a new challenge and expanded the boundaries of their comfort zones to uncover their true potential! 

April 23, 2023 - OisF Family Rider Event - Fit & Fun Scavenger Hunt by the Sea (Point Pleasant Beach, NJ)

  • The OisF was so excited to partner with The LIFT Gym for this Event – a premier fitness training center in Point Pleasant Beach.  The LIFT is not your ordinary “gym”.  It is a community – a community of strong, supportive and just straight up good people that lift each other up!   Something we try to inspire in the Riders each day!  This Event focused on the importance of working as a team, and the benefit of physical activity on developing a child's strength, coordination, and confidence.  The girls and their friends and families had a blast running around town searching for clues and completing a number of fun challenges!  

January, February & March, 2023 – OisF Cozy Clothing Collection –

  • During the months of cold winter months, The OisF had donation boxes set up in various locations, businesses and schools throughout the community to collect new/unused comfortable clothing (e.g., sweatshirts, loungewear, sweatpants, etc.) for survivors of domestic abuse who were living in local safe home facilities run by 180 Turning Lives Around.  The donations received provided much needed comfort to the brave women (and men) who found the courage to leave an abusive situation and seek the safety and support needed to heal and turn their lives around.  180 Turning Lives Around is a Monmouth County based organization that provides crisis intervention services and a number of other valuable resources to survivors and their families.

November & December, 2022 – OisF Holiday Stocking Initiative –

  • The OisF provided generously-filled stockings to over 200+ children, women and men in our community that were victims of domestic violence and abuse.  Hundreds of volunteers from The OisF community came together to make this holiday initiative a success. The OisF was grateful for the opportunity to be a ripple of light this season for those who needed it the most, and excited that the Riders were able to experience the sense of purpose and joy that giving brings. Thank you to everyone who shared their love and light with The OisF and our community this past holiday season!

    October 22, 2022 OisF Community Beach Sweep (Belmar, NJ) –

    • The OisF was the official Clean Ocean Action “Beach Captain” for Belmar Beach at 16th Avenue.  Having enjoyed our local beaches all summer long, it was our opportunity to give back. We were so grateful for all the Riders and other OisF community members that showed up to help - it was a great day with lots of sun and salty vibes!

    September 1, 2022 OisF Rider Flow & Grow with Brighde Dougherty (Manasquan, NJ) –

    • The OisF is so lucky to have met Brighde Dougherty of Flow Leadership Academy - and so grateful that the Riders got to experience Brighde's stoke at our recent "Flow & Grow" OisF Rider Event! Thank you Brighde for leading such a fun and interactive - and extremely enriching - event for the girls last week!  At this "bodyful" Event by the sea...we hiked the dune trails, played at the shore's edge, and - most importantly - learned that each one of us is in the driver's seat and in control of our own lives. The girls left the beach feeling powerful and strong - with the knowing that Empowerment = ME + POWERED!  Brighde taught the girls a number of tools that they can use to help manage and understand their emotions as they head into the new school year (and beyond) - and concrete steps that they can take to regain control whenever they feel nervous or scared or shy, or just a bit overwhelmed and in need of a reset. The Riders learned how to tune back in to themselves - how to trust their bodies and inner world to tell them what they need. And - most notably - how to empower themselves with choice in such moments!

    July 7th – OisF Rider Kick-Off to Summer SUP Extravaganza at Endless SUP of Manasquan (Manasquan, NJ) –

    • A wow-filled thank you to Endless SUP and Darian Boyle for leading the OisF Rider "Stand Up & Shine" SUP Event. A few clouds and some rain couldn't stop this strong and spirited group of girls from shining!  Thank you to all of the volunteers who showed up to help prepare the Riders for the best summer ever...by encouraging them to share their joy and light with each other and just SHINE - even when there are dark clouds above!  A metaphor that resonated deeply with us all on Thursday, as the focus of this Event was on positive thinking and the practice of finding the good in all things, and in everyone. And recognizing the power of - and beauty in - silver linings. The accomplishments of these girls at the Event were awe-inspiring! Girls that were a nervous to SUP found the courage - and trust in their instructors - to try something new (and were ALL smiles while doing so!). Girls that didn't know anyone at the Event left with tons of new friends and lasting memories. Girls that were/are accustomed to being told "no" - and that they aren't "strong enough" or "good enough" - walked away tall and proud with Darian's message echoing loudly in their heads...with conviction and heart, we - women and girls - can DO and BE anything. (A message that we all needed to hear.)


    June 23rd – Second Annual “OisF Waves of Change” Fundraiser at The Reef & Barrel (Manasquan, NJ)

    • Thank you to all of our sponsors and volunteers, and to everyone who came out to support The OisF at its Second Annual “Waves of Change” Fundraiser earlier this summer at The Reef & Barrel in Manasquan! It was an incredible night and huge success – a true testament to the generosity of the community and a validation of the important work that The OisF is doing for women and girls. Over 200+ local and national businesses donated to the silent auction, which helped to raise funds The OisF Foundation. It was a really fun summer night with live music by Geoffrey Myers and FLOATER, and good vibes all around!  Thank you for supporting us as we work to foster kindness and strength in our girls, and support and empower survivors of abuse. 
    • Like a stone dropped in still water, the impact that each one of us can have is far greater than we think.  Through our thoughts and actions – each one of us has the power to influence those around us.  Ripple by ripple. Through the ripples, we will create waves. BE A RIPPLE. Help us continue to create WAVES OF CHANGE!  


    May 14th – “Sew by the Sea” with Old Spool Sewing Studio for the Riders (Brielle, NJ) –

    • A giant thank you to Julia at Old Spool Sewing Studio for hosting the "Sew by the Sea" Rider Event - and for introducing sewing to the Riders in a way that was fun enthusiastic and hip and youthful and engaging! The girls learned how to use a sewing machine and create - from start to finish - their very own summer beach tote in a colorful ocean-inspired pattern of their choosing. The Event instilled in the girls an appreciation for (the challenges and work that goes into to creating new things) ... and an excitement for trying new things - only a handful of girls had ever used a sewing machine before the Event, but there is no doubt that many left with a new lifelong passion!  Be sure to check out Old Spool Sewing Studio here and follow them on Instagram @ julia_oldspoolsewing to stay up to date on the Workshop Calendar and information regarding registration for Summer Camps.

    April 30th – The Lift Scavenger Hunt Challenge (Point Pleasant Beach, NJ) – 

    • The OisF had a blast at The Lift Gym in Point Pleasant Beach at its Annual Scavenger Hunt Team Challenge!  Teams of 4 raced around Point Pleasant Beach soaking in the salt air, searching for clues and completing a number of fun fitness challenges together! Proceeds from the Event were donated to The OisF Foundation! It was a great day for a great cause!

    April 10th – Healthy Eating (& Healthy Relationships) Cooking Class for the Riders (Sea Girt, NJ) –

    • The Riders had a blast at the interactive “healthy eating” cooking class with Devon Smith of Devon’s Kitchen hosted at Ray’s Café in Sea Girt. The girls learned to make a variety of nourishing snacks – including smoothies, acai bowls and more!  As the girls enjoyed on their delicious creations, Lihn McCool from 180 Turning Lives Around facilitated an age-appropriate discussion on “healthy relationships” – with a focus on friendships, creating and respecting personal boundaries, social media use, and how to help and support a friend.  Be sure to check out Devon’s Kitchen here and follow them on Instagram @devonskitchen to learn about upcoming classes and events - for children and adults, alike! 

    April 9th – OisF Community Beach Sweep (16th Avenue, Belmar) – 

    • The OisF was the official Clean Ocean Action “Beach Captain” for Belmar Beach at 16th Avenue.  Lots of Riders and other OisF community members showed up to clean up our shoreline and help get the beaches ready for summer!  

    March 26th, 2022 – CRW / Jetty “Spring Tide Event”

    • The OisF enjoyed the Cream Ridge Winery’s “Spring Tide Event” in collaboration with Jetty on Saturday, March 26th at the Cream Ridge Winery.  Only a handful of coastal vendors were selected to have a pop-up tent at the Event - it was a super fun Spring event with live music, good vibes and a yummy food truck (not to mention plenty of wine)!


    December, 2021 - "Spread Some Cheer" Holiday Rider Event (Brielle, NJ)

    • The OisF helped make stockings this holiday season for children living in DV safe homes run by 180 Turning Lives Around.  Riders of all ages volunteered their time to help get this service project done in time for Christmas - the younger Riders cut trees and other embellishments for the stockings and made dozens of chocolate-covered pretzels…the older Riders decorated the stockings with love and creativity and wrapped all of the fun gifts that they stuffed inside! Lots of OisF heart and hands - big and small - came together to help spread some cheer this holiday season and make things a bit brighter for many local children in need.

    December 5 & 12, 2021 - The Asbury Park Holiday Bazaar (Asbury Park, NJ)

    • The OisF met many new friends and had a great time at the 2021 Asbury Park Holiday Bazaar at the Asbury Hotel this holiday season!  We enjoyed music, food and libations while shopping a variety of local vendors!  It was the season to Shop for a Cause!

    October 23, 2021 - The OisF Beach Sweep (Belmar Beach, NJ)

    • The OisF was the official Clean Ocean Action “Beach Captain” for Belmar Beach at 16th Avenue for the COA Spring Beach Sweep Event. It was a busy day for all - with over 100 participants! The Riders showed up with smiles on their faces, buckets in hand, and ready to help show their respect for Mother Ocean!  It was a great team effort!  

    August 30, 2021 - OisF Rider "Stand Up & Shine!" SUP Event (Manasquan, NJ)

    • Thank you to all of The OisF Riders who joined us for the OisF Rider “Stand Up & Shine” SUP Event with Endless SUP of Manasquan! The Event reached max capacity (60+ Riders!) in just a few hours - what an incredible day! The girls brought so much positive energy to the beach and literally stood up and let their true greatness shine!  As an OisF Rider, you are part of a community of sea sisters that inspires goodness and strength in each other. We want to prepare the girls to be upstanders - not bystanders - and encourage them to stand against mean behavior and stand up for kindness - even if/when it’s not easy. At the Event, we focused on being accepting of yourself and others, and the importance of demonstrating empathy and compassion.

    August 20, 2021 - Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club Ms. Race (Atlantic Highlands, NJ)

    • The OisF was a proud sponsor this August of the 17th Annual AHYC Ms. Race – an annual charity sailboat race hosted by the Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club to benefit 180 Turning Lives Around. It is a race sponsored by and for women – featuring all female skippers and crews. One of the Ms. Race's goals this year was to expand participation to more women and girls - an initiative that The OisF was so thrilled about!  All proceeds from the AHYC Ms. Race are donated to 180 Turning Lives Around.  It was a great event in support of an even greater organization & cause!  The OisF was honored to be a part of the day.


    July 12, 2021 - OisF Rider "Lift Each Other Up!" Beach Yoga Event (Spring Lake, NJ)

    • Thank you to all of The OisF Riders who joined us for our OisF Rider “Lift Each Other Up” Beach Yoga Event! The beach was abounding with laughter and smiles – thanks in no small part to the enthusiasm, positivity, and coaching of Sandy Hall! The girls were so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Sandy – and to have had the chance to meet Rachel Wallace,  and Sally Bruno, the two other certified yoga instructors who donated their time and energy to put on this "partner yoga" Event for the girls on the beach!  Because of the girls’ willingness to help their partners and the strength, patience and support they offered each other throughout the Event – the girls truly did “lift each other up”!

    June 24, 2021 - First Annual OisF "Waves of Change" Fundraiser (Reef & Barrel, Manasquan, NJ) 

    • A heartfelt thank you to all of our sponsors and volunteers, and to everyone who came out to support The OisF at its First Annual “Waves of Change” Fundraiser on June 24th! It was an incredible night and huge success - a true testament to the generosity of the community and a validation of the important work that The OisF is doing for women and girls.

    May 16, 2021 - "Summer Visions & Vibes" OisF Rider Event (Mallard Park, Manasquan, NJ)

    • Thank you to all of the OisF Riders who attended the “Summer Visions & Vibes” Event with Jessica Day, a certified life coach! The amount of creativity and girl power that this vision board workshop inspired was truly awesome! Cheers to sharing good vibes with your fellow sea sisters and making new friends!  As we continue to dream big and set our goals for a super fun summer, remember to lean on and support your fellow sea sisters along the way!

        April 17, 2021 - The OisF Beach Sweep (Sea Girt, NJ)

        • The OisF was the official Clean Ocean Action “Beach Captain” for Sea Girt Beach for the COA Spring Beach Sweep Event. The Riders showed up with smiles on their faces, buckets in hand, and ready to help get the beaches ready for summer!  It was a great team effort!  What a kind-spirited and hard-working bunch of girls!

          December,  2020 – OisF Fundraiser to support 180 Turning Lives Around’s Holiday Gift Card Drive

          • The OisF community exceeded its goal of collecting over $1,000 for the clients and families of 180 this holiday season!  180 Turning Lives Around empowers survivors and families affected by domestic violence and sexual assault to find the courage and strength to turn their lives around. Through our donation of gift cards, the OisF community helped survivors create a happy holiday for their families, despite the challenging circumstances they face. 

          October 24,  2020 - The OisF Beach Sweep (Sea Girt, NJ - 9am - 12:30pm)

          • The OisF was stoked to team up with Clean Ocean Action for this beach clean-up event at Sea Girt Beach and to have been named the official "Beach Captain" for Sea Girt Beach! It was a great way for The OisF Riders and their families to give back and help the local beaches that we enjoy so much all summer long.  It was a hard-working and eco-conscious group of girls that attended - there was no stopping them until every last piece of trash was collected!        

          September 27,  2020 - The OisF Rider Paint in the Park Event (Mallard Park, Manasquan, NJ - 3pm - 4:15pm)

          • The OisF Rider "Paint in the Park" Event was overflowing with creativity and community! We were super lucky to have Megan Krieg, a local art & yoga teacher, lead the Event.  The girls started off with an inspiring and guided mindfulness exercise, followed by an instructional painting of a wave & sun.  The Event concluded with a short closing discussion about being present in mind, body & heart and connecting with your community and those around you.

          September 12 & 13,  2020 - Manasquan BoardRider's Club Soft-Top Rodeo Surf Contest & Manasquan Classic Longboard Contest (Inlet Surfing Beach, Manasquan, NJ - All Day)

          • The OisF was stoked to sponsor the Manasquan BoardRider's Club and support all of the local surfers!  We had tons of visitors and met many new friends at The Ocean Is Female tent!  The waves were killer for the Soft-Top Rodeo, but the girls crushed it!

          September 3,  2020 - The "OisF" Rider Inaugural Event (Sea Watch Beach, Manasquan, NJ - 6:00 - 7:30 PM)

          • The Inaugural OisF Rider Event was a special kickoff for the Founding OisF Riders!  The girls got to meet their fellow sea sisters, receive their Founder's gift set, and have tons of fun on the beach.  A lucky few even won some OisF gear! Not an OisF Rider Member yet?   Apply HERE.   


             August 22, 2020 - Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club Ms. Race

            • The OisF sponsored the 16th Annual AHYC Ms. Race, an all-women’s sailing event in New Jersey sponsored by and for women.  Featuring all female skippers and crews, the Ms. Race generates a greater awareness of abuse while raising funds for 180 Turning Lives Around.

            April & May 2020 - COVID Mask-Making Initiative

            • The OisF organized a group of women and girls to sew masks for distribution to the families and children living in the safe homes run by 180 Turning Lives Around. The masks, which were tie-dyed in ocean blues, brought the community together and allowed the women and girls an opportunity to put their skills to good use and shine some light on a dark situation. We were also featured in The Coast Star - See Article Here            

              March 2020 - Shark River Lacrosse Fundraiser

              • The OisF enjoyed being a part of this silent gift auction and fundraiser in Sea Girt, New Jersey in support of the community’s local athletes. It was exciting to see that “The OisF” gift basket was a highly bid on item by the girls’ teams!

              August 2019 - Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club Ms. Race

              • The OisF sponsored the AHYC Ms. Race, an all-women’s sailing event in New Jersey that generates a greater awareness of abuse and raises funds for 180 Turning Lives Around.  The OisF team assisted as crew members on a spectator boat.  It was a terrific day!

              August 2019 - Jersey Girl Triathlon

              • The OisF sponsored the Jersey Girl Triathlon, a women’s triathlon at the Jersey Shore, including an ocean swim, and a run and bike along the coast. Proceeds from the race were donated to 180 Turning Lives Around. The camaraderie among the participants was moving – some OisF team members competed in the event, others cheered on the “Jersey Girls” from the sidelines!

                September 2019 - Spring Lake B&T Tennis Classic

                • The OisF sponsored the Spring Lake B&T Tennis Classic, an all-women’s ocean side tournament in New Jersey to raise funds for 180 Turning Lives Around and raise awareness of abuse.  We got to watch some amazing tennis matches and hear some hopeful stories by survivors.

                September 2019 - Belmar Pro

                • The OisF hosted a weekend pop-up shop at the Belmar Pro in Belmar, New Jersey. We had an opportunity to share what the OisF Foundation is doing with many outstanding regional high school surfers, and a few professional surfers.  A highlight for us was getting to watch one of our favorite hometown surfers, Carly Coble (pictured below), who was competing with the Manasquan NJ High School Surf Team – sick surfing all weekend long! The vibe at the beach festival was nothing but positive – it was an awesome event for The OisF team to be a part of! 


                  October 2019 - Manasquan Inlet Intracoastal Tug of War

                  • The OisF hosted a weekend pop-up shop at the Intracoastal Tug of War in Manasquan, New Jersey.   A true community event – teachers, lifeguard, first responders and many others from Manasquan and Point Pleasant came out to raise money for local recreation programs. It was a fun day for all!

                    November 2019 - Brielle Education Foundation Fall Fundraiser

                    • The OisF was happy to sponsor this gala event hosted by the Manasquan River Golf Club to raise money for the Brielle Education Foundation. Funds raised are used for enriching the educational opportunities of the children and encouraging more children involvement in the community.

                    December 2019 - Asbury Park Holiday Bazaar 

                    • The OisF was thrilled to be selected as a vendor at the Holiday Bazaar at the Convention Center in Asbury Park, New Jersey, alongside other independent socially-responsible vendors. It was a festive occasion and a great weekend for The OisF all-around! The best part was meeting so many like-minded folks who love the ocean and are inspired by the work of the Foundation and our efforts to end the silence surrounding abuse.



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