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My name is Alli – I am the founder of The OisF.  Having lived near the ocean my entire life, the saltwater lifestyle is deeply embedded in my roots.  For as long as I can remember, the ocean has been my primary source of solace. But, it wasn’t until I started surfing a few years ago, that I began to fully appreciate the power that the ocean holds to help strengthen and heal us.  And, here is why.

I am a survivor of child abuse – perpetuated by a non-blood relative many years ago, a trauma that I suppressed and did not speak of out loud until recently.  After decades of living in silence about what happened to me as a child, it was surfing – and spending time in the sea – that gave me the strength that I needed to confront the trauma that I had buried deep down for so many years and finally begin the healing process. The OisF was born out of my desire to turn my healing into action.  

Through my own personal history with abuse, and as a working mom focused on raising confident and spirited daughters, I became determined to create something that would allow me to share the experience that the ocean has given me with others. I wanted to share the simple truth that I had discovered about the power of the sea, and harness it in a way that would empower other women and girls – and help them to build courage and discover the strength and greatness that they have within.  And, moreover, I wanted to introduce this power to other survivors, with the hope that it would be as useful a tool to heal as it was me. 

To this day, whether I am surfing, sailing, or just sitting on the jetty watching the waves roll in – I continue to find serenity, beauty, and perspective through her greatness.  It is my hope that, with the support of The OisF community, more women and girls will seek the ocean for the therapeutic source that she is, and that they will welcome her dynamic energy as they ride life’s waves. 

If you are a survivor of abuse, or you care for a survivor, or you too find solace in the ocean, we welcome you to learn more here about what The OisF is doing to advance our mission, and join our community here

Alli Scaduto


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