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  • JUNE 23, 2022


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What is the "The OisF"?... The Ocean is Female.

We are a saltwater-inspired nonprofit organization with a mission to foster kindness and strength in girls, and to support and empower survivors of abuse. Inspired by the transformative powers of the sea, The OisF connects women and girls to the ocean through local activities & programs.  We encourage women and girls to trust in the therapeutic nature of the sea to help them realize their true greatness and learn how to passionately and confidently ride life's waves amidst ever-changing tides!

What is our Offer to You as an “OisF Rider”?...

To be a part of a community of ocean-lovers that:

  • Celebrates each other’s strengths – while displaying humility about our own.
  • Is adventurous – eager to explore new places (far and near), welcome new challenges, and discover new passions.
  • Uses our talents and influence to do good and help those less fortunate; demonstrates through actions that “kindness is cool”.
  • Is present in mind, body and heart – connects deeply with ourselves, others, and the natural world around us.
  • Values the differences amongst us – respects ourselves and others, and is purposeful with our words.
  • Is courageous – follows our heart and pushes through our comfort zone to uncover our true potential.
  • Embraces each of our roles as a leader, a role model, and a sea sister – and encourages others to get in the ocean with us and crush the salt life!

Why Become an “OisF Rider”?...Because you love the Salt – In the Air & In the Seawater!  Because you love to have Fun in the Ocean – In, On & Near her!  OisF Riders will receive exclusive event invites, unique volunteer opportunities, and special product promotions.  Embrace the Offer of the OisF Rider community and become one of our sea sisters!  

What do the Riders do?

The OisF Riders paddle board together...they do beach yoga and “fly” together...they do community service together...they craft, create, and dream by the sea together!  Check out our Event Calendar to learn about recent OisF Rider events and see what is in store for the Riders next.

The OisF Rider program creates a support network for our girls. Through various opportunities and local events centered around the ocean, the Riders are building a community of girls that inspire goodness and strength in each other! At each OisF Rider event, there are a few guiding principles that we encourage the Riders to embrace every day:  

  1. To celebrate each other’s differences and uniqueness – there is not one mold that any of our girls should be forced to adhere to.  
  2. To live with courage and – above all – kindness, and to support each other along the way.  We want to create a community where challenges can be faced together, and overcome with each other’s support.
  3. To always give back to the community – as often and as meaningfully as you can.

Join The OisF Riders today and see why so many girls and parents love being a part of The OisF community!

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