Spring 2024 OisF Rider Leadership Program

Who is eligible to apply for the Program?

This Program is open to all OisF Riders in the 6th, 7th and 8th grades.  

*If you are not presently an OisF Rider, please join The OisF Riders here before applying for the Program.  There is no cost to join The OisF Rider community - all are welcome!

When is the Program?

Spring 2024! There will be at least 4 mandatory in-person training Sessions held locally during the evening. We will release the meeting dates and the application criteria in advance of the application portal opening in 2024.

What we will do during the Sessions?  

The Sessions will be activity-based.  Each Session will focus on a different aspect of leadership development. Brighde from FLOW will use a variety of experiential activities to engage the girls.  While the 2024 Program materials are still being finalized, by way of reference, the 2023 Program followed the below outline:  

  • Session 1: Calming (topics include: listening to your body; connecting with yourself; destressing tools; the value of reflection; exploring different leadership styles; identifying your default style) 
  • Session 2: Connecting (topics include: building trust and communication with self and others; peer engagement and public speaking; use of non-verbal communication; listening; engaging in self-advocacy; cooperation and working with different people; conflict resolution)
  • Session 3: Confidence & Courage (topics include: failing magnificently; risk-taking; resiliency; confidence building; building courage; decision making; riding the waves of life)
  • Session 4: Community & Civic-Mindedness (topics include: preparing for work with others; inspiring and motivating others; getting creative; team building; service and community impact)

What happens after we complete all 4 Sessions?

After the 4th session, the girls earn "Past the Break" status and become official "OisF Leaders" - involved with The OisF and our community on a whole new level!  

  • OisF Leaders gain access to special events and opportunities to lead other Riders - including without limitation being a mentor to younger Riders and having a founding role in The OisF Mentorship Program.
  • OisF Leaders represent The OisF at community events and other functions.
  • OisF Leaders have the opportunity to lead small group events for the Riders and create and administer their own OisF-supported service projects within the community.

Why apply?  

  • Unique programming – this is first leadership program of its kind in the area!
  • A chance to inspire and lead future OisF Riders! Be a mentor to younger Riders – have a founding role in our new OisF Rider Mentorship Program!
  • Gain meaningful experience to include on resumes and high school / college applications!
  • Obtain volunteer hours with The OisF – including the opportunity to create and run small group events for The OisF Riders!
  • Be a conduit of goodness in your community!

It is so exciting for The OisF to be able to offer this Program - so many of girls that are in the Program are "Founding Riders" that were a part of The OisF community from the very beginning - and are going to now be in a position to inspire and lead future OisF Riders!   

What is the cost of this Program? 

There is no cost to attend this Program. Your participation is sponsored by The OisF.

How do I apply for this Program? 

To be considered for this Program, you will need to fill out the online application below when the application portal opens in 2024.  Applications for the Program will be considered on a rolling basis. Applicants may be required to have an in-person interview as part of the application process.  Those accepted for the Program will be notified by email.



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